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Hlynur Magnusson

Once upon a time, there were two artists that delved into Alchemy, husband and wife, two parts of a whole, Jekyll and Hyde. Hlynur and Joice lived most of their lives confined in a lab full of mysterious flasks, and liquids that bubbled day and night, expelling exotic mixtures of smells and lights.

Joice enjoyed giving life to her drawings, which would often flutter and run in an animated chaos, only to once again encounter the wrath of her pencil and brush.

Hlynur on the other hand, dabbled his disturbing mind into puppets, and worlds made of paper, clay, foam, and found objects. His little creatures roamed these sets unaware of any power that controlled every ounce of their destiny.Joice Ozaki

Both enjoyed mixing their concoctions into a magical box that calculated tiny squares of light to recreate and manipulate much of what they made by hand.

Rumor has it that on a fateful day, they decided to manufacture a hybrid creature to celebrate their union. No on knows what exactly they created, as the lab vanished without a trace, and only large footprints were found trailing away from where the building once stood. Some say it was a dragon… others say it resembled more a fox, but all agree that what they saw was a splendid magnificence.

Only a few records remain of the couple, some of which are found in the archives of the California Institute of the Arts, where both received their Masters.

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